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Welcome to Alan Bradley Roofing Tucson AZ

We are a family owned and operated roofing company located in Tucson,  

Arizona. We have been the re-roofing specialists in Tucson since 1986 and  

look to provide the best in quality and customer satisfaction when it comes  

to roof repair, roof coating, and roof contracting.


We aim to exceed customer expectations on every job we do,quickly, and professionally. With a breadth of knowledge on all thingsroofing (from  

repair to coating) we offer our customers what other roofcontractors can't  

- hands on, reliable and affordable roof repair and roof contracting  



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Let us be your dependable roof contractor. Contact Alan Bradley  

Roofing  in Tucson, Arizona as your roof contractor for: roof repair, roof  

coating, new roofs, flat roofs, commercial roofing and any other roofing  

services you may need.




Phone: (520) 885-3571
Address: 4151 E Columbia St, Tucson, AZ 85714